Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who says I need glasses???!!!

As a youngster, and up to about the age of  ..............., well never mind, that would just make me sound old ......... I was blessed with perfect vision and had always taken for granted that I could see perfectly!

 I would sit cheekily making comments and chewing noisily in the back row of the movie theatre making fun of the OLD wrinkly people squinting to see the screen from the front row and shushing us in their old, husky, old person voices. I would sprawl across the couch with my feet up on the headrest and my head hanging upside down and still be able to watch whatever happened to be blaring on the one channel we had on our television set and what seemed like a couple of months ago I enjoyed sitting back with a toblerone cocktail in my hand lazily reading a book that had print smaller that the marks made on my fresh white linen tablecloth by a midget hummingbird that had just hopped through my double layered chocolate cake, and watching ants scurry around furiously trying to gather food before the gathering storm clouds exploded in the heavens sending torrential waterfalls through their sandy castles.

In what seems like overnight, my eyesight has diminished to the point where without my glasses I can maybe see the midget hummingbird, if it stands still (or dies) on my linen tablecloth that I THINK may still be white... if the poor bird died on the chocolate cake I just may mistakenly eat it ...... I can see ants - very LARGE ants - that wander up VERY close to me - or are wearing fluro floaties! I absolutely do NOT sit in the front row of the movies, but the screens are VERY LARGE now .... and I have occasionally been known to tell those cheeky little monkeys in the back row that they need to let me hear the movie as well as watch the blurs move across the screen! Oh, and if you ever see me sprawled across the couch with my feet up and my head down - CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!

One of the WORST things about diminishing eyesight however, is that can't see my iphone or laptop keypad properly without my glasses and unless I ensure that I use the LARGE text I can't see the text messages or facebook comments I send. My family and friends now know that if they receive a strange message from me, I am probably NOT wearing my glasses and they need to either have a red hot go at deciphering it or, failing that, CALL me to see what the heck I was talking about!!

Oh well, my eyesight may be going, but at least I still have my sense of humour and my good looks, and I can still USE a laptop and an iphone!!! :)

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