Friday, September 2, 2011

Just normal stuff......

A normal day in my life begins with painting cardboard to resemble old planks of wood, shopping for buckets and spades, treasure lollies and prizes ...... nothing seems to change! :D

I guess if every day was the same we would all get bored. I know I DEFINITELY would! There is nothing I enjoy more than being asked to turn the church into a medieval castle or a tv studio, or to fill it up with jungle scenes and an old city street. But then, isn't that the same for everyone?

We all enjoy a challenge, me more than most! This 'getting older' thing is my latest challenge. I find that I now have to ask get onto all fours and crawl over to a wall to use as leverage to get myself off the floor after sitting on it to paint a sign!!! LOL. And yes people, that is definitely LOL, not LBL which are the latest adds for women of a 'certain age' - mine! Yes, they advertise Light Bladder Leakage continually these days. They warn you not to sneeze, run, laugh a lot, breathe heavily etc etc without being prepared for LBL. Bother it I say, how much fun is a good belly laugh, and how exciting is it if you are never 100% sure if you can get away with it without making a mad dash for the toilet!

Time for a good cuppa after all that excitement, and of course, a nice nana nap if I can get away with it.


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