Friday, March 30, 2012

It's life Jim............

So................. what is the meaning of life??????

You think when you are younger that life is all about having fun, and being rich ........ actually I still think that! So, how do we make it happen??? Anyone got any ideas?

I have tried to save, but I'm afraid I have a microwave spending ability..... I can spend, and I do it NOW! While this means that I usually enjoy life, it also means that I am now broke because I am still paying it all off!!! :)

I think really, that life is about striving to get whatever it is that we think we need that we don't currently have. There are a few main things that everyone wants:
Financial stability / wealth (for whatever reason)
Health / Looks

We tend to take the things we have for granted and strive to get the others. I think we need to sit back and enjoy some of what we actually possess and not strive too much for the other items!

I have a great family, a husband of 34 years (on 1st December 2012) and three amazing children. My children are grown and they all make me proud. The wonderful thing is that they still enjoy spending time with their parents and will often call or text to arrange a time to catch up. This makes me smile, I was worried that when they left home I would be one of those mothers that has to stalk her children to get them to call and say hello ...... keep that in mind my dears in case you ever stop calling ........ :)

We all need to take a step back and work out what it is that we now possess, and what we are striving for. We need to enjoy the important things in our lives and forget about striving for things that will not last the distance or make us happy in the long run. I enjoy my family times, and I treasure my relationships with my family as I know that I will not always have them around. I know I need to find more time to see my amazing sister and laugh like we do when we get together. I have to arrange to save some money for a trip home more often to see how my niece is enjoying being a teacher and how my brother is going with his relationship, and to catch up with my amazing extended family ..... and I really need to go and see my mum. She may not remember me the day I go, but even if her mind is blank I have to believe that her heart knows me and is glad I came.

Family is important, treasure your time with them and you will have fewer regrets. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who says I need glasses???!!!

As a youngster, and up to about the age of  ..............., well never mind, that would just make me sound old ......... I was blessed with perfect vision and had always taken for granted that I could see perfectly!

 I would sit cheekily making comments and chewing noisily in the back row of the movie theatre making fun of the OLD wrinkly people squinting to see the screen from the front row and shushing us in their old, husky, old person voices. I would sprawl across the couch with my feet up on the headrest and my head hanging upside down and still be able to watch whatever happened to be blaring on the one channel we had on our television set and what seemed like a couple of months ago I enjoyed sitting back with a toblerone cocktail in my hand lazily reading a book that had print smaller that the marks made on my fresh white linen tablecloth by a midget hummingbird that had just hopped through my double layered chocolate cake, and watching ants scurry around furiously trying to gather food before the gathering storm clouds exploded in the heavens sending torrential waterfalls through their sandy castles.

In what seems like overnight, my eyesight has diminished to the point where without my glasses I can maybe see the midget hummingbird, if it stands still (or dies) on my linen tablecloth that I THINK may still be white... if the poor bird died on the chocolate cake I just may mistakenly eat it ...... I can see ants - very LARGE ants - that wander up VERY close to me - or are wearing fluro floaties! I absolutely do NOT sit in the front row of the movies, but the screens are VERY LARGE now .... and I have occasionally been known to tell those cheeky little monkeys in the back row that they need to let me hear the movie as well as watch the blurs move across the screen! Oh, and if you ever see me sprawled across the couch with my feet up and my head down - CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!

One of the WORST things about diminishing eyesight however, is that can't see my iphone or laptop keypad properly without my glasses and unless I ensure that I use the LARGE text I can't see the text messages or facebook comments I send. My family and friends now know that if they receive a strange message from me, I am probably NOT wearing my glasses and they need to either have a red hot go at deciphering it or, failing that, CALL me to see what the heck I was talking about!!

Oh well, my eyesight may be going, but at least I still have my sense of humour and my good looks, and I can still USE a laptop and an iphone!!! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekends RULE!!!

I love weekends! Weekends are what our whole life should be like!

Who invented this Monday to Friday work thing? I hate having to get up and get organised to go and sit in an office all day when I could be sitting in a coffee shop with my husband, or baking, or meeting friends for lunch, or taking a couple of hours to cook a lovely dinner, or chilling out on the couch watching a movie on a rainy, cold day!

I think I should blame the women's libbers, after all, before they came along it was my JOB to stay at home and do all those house-wifey things that I don't get any time to do these days! Who asked them to come along and make us equal with men! We didn't want to be EQUAL with men, we wanted men to continue going to work to earn enough money to keep us in the style we want to become accustomed to! This tells me that we were WAY AHEAD of men back then and now we are just equal partners who are expected to earn as much as they do!

I want some of my time back! I want to have time to relax, to enjoy my friends and family, and yes, to WRITE!  I can't sit down after a hard day of office work and expect my brain to be creative and exciting. I start typing and find that I have Rose heading off to do all the things I want to do and I get jealous and annoyed! Am I allowed to get annoyed at the main character in my own imagination?????

Oh dear, I need to win lotto or a prize home or have an elderly Aunt die and give me millions of dollars .......... anyone know of such an Aunt? MUAHAHAAAAAAAA!

OK, enough sulking for one day, at least I have a job and friends and a fantastic family in my life.

So, I need to get up and get my uniform ready for tomorrow, and count my blessings!

DAMN! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my darling husband of 32 years! The man who has fathered my three wonderful children and is a good dad deserves a special day sit back and know how much he is loved by those closest to him.

So, what does Father's Day mean ....... it is a day where he can relax and not have to worry about feeding anyone or getting all the work uniforms washed and dried after the busy weekend we have just had. It is a day that he can decide to do whatever he would like to do in the afternoon, and watch whatever he would like to watch on television - even if it is a replay of the disastrous loss of the Titans NRL team from last night! The remote is his for the day! I will wait on him if he wants to eat, and make him fantastic cups of tea or coffee if that is his wish or desire! I will cook him something he loves to eat for dinner and then clean up afterwards. I will ensure his uniforms are both washed and dried, and maybe even put them away for him.

You know, Fathers really do deserve this special day, just the same as Mothers deserve their day.
Fathers go through the pain of childbirth alongside their wife, although it isn't them who need the pain relief!
They are always the second one out of bed for the midnight feedings or the 2am vomit call, and are happy to leave it all in the capable hands of their wife because they have to get up early in the morning. The 'wife' is usually up earlier or has just gone back to bed when they get up but that's ok!
Fathers are always there to push the mothers to hurry up and get everything you need because it's time to go wherever they have to go to, and then to say 'dont worry about it, everything will be just fine' when the mother realises they have forgotten to pack the nappies or the dummy. Of course, they are always the first to raise an eyebrow a little while later when the child is miserable because it needs a nappy change or it's dummy and they will always ask 'Is there anything you need me to do?' when they know that the mum is the only person in the world the child can bare to be around when they are grumpy!
Fathers are so good to their wives on Mother's Day as well. They ensure that no housework is done (or as little as possible) by their wife. After all, the housework will still be there the next day for them to do!!!
So, HAPPY FATHERS DAY dad's, enjoy your special day, until next Sunday when I think it is Father's Day again.......... :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just normal stuff......

A normal day in my life begins with painting cardboard to resemble old planks of wood, shopping for buckets and spades, treasure lollies and prizes ...... nothing seems to change! :D

I guess if every day was the same we would all get bored. I know I DEFINITELY would! There is nothing I enjoy more than being asked to turn the church into a medieval castle or a tv studio, or to fill it up with jungle scenes and an old city street. But then, isn't that the same for everyone?

We all enjoy a challenge, me more than most! This 'getting older' thing is my latest challenge. I find that I now have to ask get onto all fours and crawl over to a wall to use as leverage to get myself off the floor after sitting on it to paint a sign!!! LOL. And yes people, that is definitely LOL, not LBL which are the latest adds for women of a 'certain age' - mine! Yes, they advertise Light Bladder Leakage continually these days. They warn you not to sneeze, run, laugh a lot, breathe heavily etc etc without being prepared for LBL. Bother it I say, how much fun is a good belly laugh, and how exciting is it if you are never 100% sure if you can get away with it without making a mad dash for the toilet!

Time for a good cuppa after all that excitement, and of course, a nice nana nap if I can get away with it.


My mother told me....

My mother told me soooooo many times that one day I would wake up and find out that I was over 50. Of course, I never believed her, so when it happened I FREAKED OUT!

How the heck did I get to be an old lady???? How did I miss that it was happening??? When did my children grow into adults without me noticing???

But then, I looked inside the older, wrinklier, outer layer ... and saw ME! I hadn't changed at all! I was still that funny girl that always tried to see the best in people and looked at the glass as half full. Life is good, my family is good, and guess what - I have written a book!

Yes, I am quite proud of that achievement, and people actually tell me it isn't that bad! lol

I think I will find this new (or should I say OLD) life that I have somehow inherited to be a bit of a laugh, and you may just enjoy sharing my discoveries with me! :D :D :D

So, I think it's time for my nana nap so until next blog, stay safe! xx