Friday, September 2, 2011

My mother told me....

My mother told me soooooo many times that one day I would wake up and find out that I was over 50. Of course, I never believed her, so when it happened I FREAKED OUT!

How the heck did I get to be an old lady???? How did I miss that it was happening??? When did my children grow into adults without me noticing???

But then, I looked inside the older, wrinklier, outer layer ... and saw ME! I hadn't changed at all! I was still that funny girl that always tried to see the best in people and looked at the glass as half full. Life is good, my family is good, and guess what - I have written a book!

Yes, I am quite proud of that achievement, and people actually tell me it isn't that bad! lol

I think I will find this new (or should I say OLD) life that I have somehow inherited to be a bit of a laugh, and you may just enjoy sharing my discoveries with me! :D :D :D

So, I think it's time for my nana nap so until next blog, stay safe! xx

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