Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekends RULE!!!

I love weekends! Weekends are what our whole life should be like!

Who invented this Monday to Friday work thing? I hate having to get up and get organised to go and sit in an office all day when I could be sitting in a coffee shop with my husband, or baking, or meeting friends for lunch, or taking a couple of hours to cook a lovely dinner, or chilling out on the couch watching a movie on a rainy, cold day!

I think I should blame the women's libbers, after all, before they came along it was my JOB to stay at home and do all those house-wifey things that I don't get any time to do these days! Who asked them to come along and make us equal with men! We didn't want to be EQUAL with men, we wanted men to continue going to work to earn enough money to keep us in the style we want to become accustomed to! This tells me that we were WAY AHEAD of men back then and now we are just equal partners who are expected to earn as much as they do!

I want some of my time back! I want to have time to relax, to enjoy my friends and family, and yes, to WRITE!  I can't sit down after a hard day of office work and expect my brain to be creative and exciting. I start typing and find that I have Rose heading off to do all the things I want to do and I get jealous and annoyed! Am I allowed to get annoyed at the main character in my own imagination?????

Oh dear, I need to win lotto or a prize home or have an elderly Aunt die and give me millions of dollars .......... anyone know of such an Aunt? MUAHAHAAAAAAAA!

OK, enough sulking for one day, at least I have a job and friends and a fantastic family in my life.

So, I need to get up and get my uniform ready for tomorrow, and count my blessings!

DAMN! :)

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