Saturday, September 3, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my darling husband of 32 years! The man who has fathered my three wonderful children and is a good dad deserves a special day sit back and know how much he is loved by those closest to him.

So, what does Father's Day mean ....... it is a day where he can relax and not have to worry about feeding anyone or getting all the work uniforms washed and dried after the busy weekend we have just had. It is a day that he can decide to do whatever he would like to do in the afternoon, and watch whatever he would like to watch on television - even if it is a replay of the disastrous loss of the Titans NRL team from last night! The remote is his for the day! I will wait on him if he wants to eat, and make him fantastic cups of tea or coffee if that is his wish or desire! I will cook him something he loves to eat for dinner and then clean up afterwards. I will ensure his uniforms are both washed and dried, and maybe even put them away for him.

You know, Fathers really do deserve this special day, just the same as Mothers deserve their day.
Fathers go through the pain of childbirth alongside their wife, although it isn't them who need the pain relief!
They are always the second one out of bed for the midnight feedings or the 2am vomit call, and are happy to leave it all in the capable hands of their wife because they have to get up early in the morning. The 'wife' is usually up earlier or has just gone back to bed when they get up but that's ok!
Fathers are always there to push the mothers to hurry up and get everything you need because it's time to go wherever they have to go to, and then to say 'dont worry about it, everything will be just fine' when the mother realises they have forgotten to pack the nappies or the dummy. Of course, they are always the first to raise an eyebrow a little while later when the child is miserable because it needs a nappy change or it's dummy and they will always ask 'Is there anything you need me to do?' when they know that the mum is the only person in the world the child can bare to be around when they are grumpy!
Fathers are so good to their wives on Mother's Day as well. They ensure that no housework is done (or as little as possible) by their wife. After all, the housework will still be there the next day for them to do!!!
So, HAPPY FATHERS DAY dad's, enjoy your special day, until next Sunday when I think it is Father's Day again.......... :D

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