Friday, March 30, 2012

It's life Jim............

So................. what is the meaning of life??????

You think when you are younger that life is all about having fun, and being rich ........ actually I still think that! So, how do we make it happen??? Anyone got any ideas?

I have tried to save, but I'm afraid I have a microwave spending ability..... I can spend, and I do it NOW! While this means that I usually enjoy life, it also means that I am now broke because I am still paying it all off!!! :)

I think really, that life is about striving to get whatever it is that we think we need that we don't currently have. There are a few main things that everyone wants:
Financial stability / wealth (for whatever reason)
Health / Looks

We tend to take the things we have for granted and strive to get the others. I think we need to sit back and enjoy some of what we actually possess and not strive too much for the other items!

I have a great family, a husband of 34 years (on 1st December 2012) and three amazing children. My children are grown and they all make me proud. The wonderful thing is that they still enjoy spending time with their parents and will often call or text to arrange a time to catch up. This makes me smile, I was worried that when they left home I would be one of those mothers that has to stalk her children to get them to call and say hello ...... keep that in mind my dears in case you ever stop calling ........ :)

We all need to take a step back and work out what it is that we now possess, and what we are striving for. We need to enjoy the important things in our lives and forget about striving for things that will not last the distance or make us happy in the long run. I enjoy my family times, and I treasure my relationships with my family as I know that I will not always have them around. I know I need to find more time to see my amazing sister and laugh like we do when we get together. I have to arrange to save some money for a trip home more often to see how my niece is enjoying being a teacher and how my brother is going with his relationship, and to catch up with my amazing extended family ..... and I really need to go and see my mum. She may not remember me the day I go, but even if her mind is blank I have to believe that her heart knows me and is glad I came.

Family is important, treasure your time with them and you will have fewer regrets. :)

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